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SOKAMAR SHIPPING AGENCY has been established in Tunisia, head office providing a comprehensive range of professional services in the shipping / transport field, with a highly motivated and experience workforce.

His founder and main shareholder, Mr. Mohamed Kammoun, has been working for 15 years in different big shipping companies where firstly acted as shipping agent and shipbroker. Due to his above experience, our company is very much aware and sensitive to problems and issues of our principals for their vessels loading and discharge at ports being time-chartered or owned, taking exceptional care to get the shortest port staying for each vessel.


providing excellent services to our clients worldwide. Our international reputation is based on our :

- Commitment to transparent vessel transaction records
- Extensive network of agency offices throughout Tunisia and North Africa
- Valuable advices to clients in sorting out urgent issues with vessels in port.
- Negotiating skills for our clients chartering needs

Let’s Gain CLARITY

Our Values

Our values give clarity about who we are, both to our clients and ourselves. Each value highlights a different facet of how we build mastery, trust, and positive relationships.

Require us to stay curious with our people, customers, to learn & share.
Holds us accountable to doing the right thing in the right way.
Positively connect with others, optimize our energy, engage and enjoy the present.
Drives us to uncover needs and exceed expectations of ourselves and others.
Requires each of us to be alert and aware at all times.